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Contract Token

Chain: Polygon (MATIC)


Total: 200000000000000000


Who is HollowCat?

HollowCat eats everything and what he loves most is eating social media posts. For a few coins, it will respond to the creators of posts as their creation disappears into an infinite hole.


What toll does it have?

By paying a minimum of 1M HOLE, it is possible to enter a daily pool for the destruction of posts.


Where can I buy it?

Right now it is only available at UNISWAP, but new ways to buy it will be added in the future.


Eternal Hole

Eternal hole is a hole that absorbs everything and will allow to destroy everything. You only have to put the link of what you want to destroy and it will generate a video for the destruction.

Price: Min 1M HOLE

Bot hollow

Bot hollow will allow interacting in Telegram or Discord with users through HOLE tokens. In preparation

Price: Min 1M HOLE

Burn tokens

50% of what is paid to use the eternal hole will be burned and deducted from the total coins. The HollowCat contract does not allow the creation of new coins and will make it deflationary. The burn will be every start of the month.